Somewhere else in space, somewhen else in time

February 20, 2011

You may rightly be wondering if I am EVER going to blog about astronomy again.

I will.

You may also rightly be wondering what’s been keeping me from blogging about astronomy for the last while.

The answer is, dinosaurs. All will become clear very soon.

Bonus points if you recognize the post title–without any help from Google.


  1. Far too easy to invoke Sagan and Cosmos on suspecting astronomy geeks everywhere. Why not try a little harder? 🙂

  2. If you’ve got the inside scoop on the cloning of T-Rex then I’d be interested in that. I’ll check out your dino post but the reason I follow your blog is astronomy. One of my fantasies is that in my next life I’ll live as a human on a similar planet to earth (same oxygen, same type of body, etc.) located in the galaxy NGC 4565, it is so beautiful that I’d like to live there!

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