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As of September 29, 2010, I am an Amazon affiliate through this blog, which means that any time someone follows a link from the blog to Amazon and buys something, I get a small commission (from Amazon, not from your wallet). The “something” doesn’t have to be a telescope or binoculars or anything relevant to astronomy at all; you could buy a flatscreen TV or toilet paper and I’d still get my 4%. So the easiest way to support this blog is to do your Amazon shopping from here. It’s completely invisible to you and costs you nothing, but it helps me a little.

You don’t have to track down an Amazon-linked post to get there, you can come here and follow the appropriate link:



And in fact, you don’t even need to come to this blog, you can bookmark the above link and every time you use it, I’ll make a little dough. Which, ultimately, means more astro gear for me to play with and review, and more for you to read about. Many thanks if you choose to participate!

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  1. […] but of course not expected, to help support the site, and you can do so at zero cost to yourself. Here’s how. Thanks and clear […]

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