Anyone tried the AstroBox yet?

June 5, 2017


Just learned about this. Am seriously considering springing for the eclipse box. If I do, I’ll post a review when it comes in. If you or someone you know has gotten one of these, lemme know how it worked out.

One comment

  1. Yes. This is actually put together by an astrobuddy of mine, Sorin, right here in Denver. Believe it or not, I “knew” him before I moved here last year from his guide, “How to Avoid the Agony When Buying Your First Telescope, located here:


    (We have pretty similar philosophies in our recommendations.)

    When I moved out here to Denver last summer, the first thing I did, right after putting down all the boxes, was to join the Denver Astronomical Society, where we met and “knew” wach other. He’s been putting out the Astrobox for a year now.

    Not only does Sorin put together the Astrobox, but he is also selling the Eclipse Kit for this summer at, you guessed it, EclipseKit.com.

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