Two binocular comets and a small-scope supernova

March 31, 2017

Comet 41P brightens – photo by Hisayoshi Kato, from Sky & Tel’s 41P news page.

This is a shorty, just posting links to some current events for easy reference:

  • Comet 41P is bright and easily visible in binoculars from dark skies for most of the night from mid-northern latitudes (link).
  • Comet C/2017 E4 Lovejoy – the sixth comet discovered by Australian amateur Terry Lovejoy – is up just before dawn, near the ‘nose’ of Pegasus (link).
  • Supernova 2017cbv in the spiral galaxy NGC 5643 is visible in Lupus in the middle of the night – it’s a few degrees north and about an hour east of Omega Centauri, so it transits the meridian around 3 AM right now (link).

Go see some fun stuff.

One comment

  1. Been reading 10 minute astronomy for a few years and I luv it. I like that you use small scopes to their fullest. I’m experimenting with a small Orion 8X50 “Celestron” orange finder that was made in the mid 80s (I think). Doing a float trip on the Missouri River for the total solar eclipse and will observe from a sand island.

    It does have a rack and pinion focusing knob on the other side, but the travel distance is so small, I can’t get any other eyepieces to focus yet. Only the eyepiece that came with the finder will come to focus.

    I’ve read about the Manfrotto 785b tripod you used for one of your smaller scopes and the Dwarfstar tripod head and carbon fiber tripod you used for the Little Rascal telescope. Any advantages that you could see in one over the other to keep the weight down and ease of use on a sand island would be greatly appreciated!

    Sincerely, a fan, Merlin

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