My new article in the December Sky & Telescope

November 2, 2016


It’s late and my computer is almost dead, so I’m just going to link to the longer announcement/acknowledgment post on my paleontology blog. Enjoy!


  1. Dude, that is nice.

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks! Sometimes a hard problem is the best kind of fun, and that was certainly the case here.

  4. […] written for Sky & Tel on the Milky Way (twice), galaxies, and look-back time, and I’ve included individual double stars in Bino Highlight columns, but this is my first […]

  5. […] the culmination of a personal quest. By far my favorite among my previous Sky & Tel articles is “Twelve Steps to Infinity” from the December 2016 issue. But as much as I love that article, it only covered the winter sky, […]

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