My article in the April 2016 Sky & Telescope

March 8, 2016

SnT cover April 2016 - annotated

Getting this posted a bit belatedly, as this issue has been on newsstands for about a week already. When I wrote about my first S&T article last year, I said that my editor, JR, and I had “batted some ideas back and forth and quickly settled on the winter Milky Way”. The other ideas didn’t go away, they just got put off. This binocular tour of the Virgo Messier galaxies is one of those other ideas. Hopefully more will be along in the future – assuming I’m successful in bringing them to fruition, and that the staff – and readers! – of Sky & Telescope continue to be happy with them.

Incidentally, although I aimed the article at binocular users, it should serve as a perfectly cromulent guide for telescopic observations as well.

Have suggestions for how I can improve? The comment field is open.


  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome! Good luck!

  2. I haven’t read the Apr16 S&T yet but I REALLY enjoyed your Dec15 S&T tour. I’d nix the astrophotos though as not very helpful to binoc users like myself. I prefer a nice sketch as a better preview of what to expect to see. I’m looking forward to a fresh take on my favorite ‘goto’ column each month.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! I’ll see about the possibility of incorporating sketches into future articles – I know the S&T leadership and generally pretty pro-sketch.

  4. Great article, studied it very carefully with pocket sky Atlas at my side. Now if the pesky moon would just get out of Virgo, I could continue my Messier quest. We’ll miss Gary, but I know you’ll do fine with Binocular Highlights.

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