Sinus Iridium

September 24, 2015

Sinus Iridum in Apex 127 2015-09-23

Taken at 7:43 PM PDT last night, from the top of the parking garage in downtown Claremont, using a handheld iPhone 5c shooting afocally through an Orion Apex 127 Mak and a 12.5mm Plossl eyepiece.

In other news, no, I’m not dead. Just been busy with teaching. But I have some exciting astronomy news coming up later this fall (finally revealed here!), and in the meantime, I’m looking forward to the total lunar eclipse this coming Sunday evening, September 27.


  1. Good to hear that you haven’t expired. Nice moon shot, amazing actually to get that kind of sharpness and resolution at high magnification afocally with an eyephone. I’m relieved to read that 10MA is not on life support with a terminal prognosis. Eager to see what you have for us this fall.

  2. Hi Doug, long time no talk. My fault, I know. Thanks for the kind words about the photo. I actually had no idea how sharp it was until I got it off my phone and onto my laptop where I could see it at full size. Of course I had to throw away about 50 other shots to get this one, but at least now I know that this level of detail is possible with a smartphone – before this I would have thought it impossible.

  3. iPhone. iPhone. NOT eyephone. Damn spellcheck!
    Hey, I was going to send you an email with photos. I bought a set of heavy rubber round feet that slide onto the bottom of tubular steel desk or table legs and I stuck them on the bottom of the tripod feet on my Porta II mount. What a difference vs the tiny, sharp pointy tips that come stock on the Porta that are apparently designed to anchor in grass. The whole set up is now so much quieter and way more solid/stable. No scraping noise on the patio when I move it and scope wobble down to almost nothing. Cost me 2 bucks for a set of 4 at Home Depot.

  4. It’s just insane that a phone can do this. Truly, we are living in the future.

  5. I feel exactly the same way.

  6. […] punk last night so I know the system was not performing anywhere near its limits. I’ve done far better holding the phone by hand on nights with better seeing, but only by dumb luck, taking loads of […]

  7. […] the exciting news I teased back in September: the December 2015 issue of Sky & Telescope, which is available online and should be hitting […]

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