The Oct. 8, 2014, full moon

October 13, 2014

Full moon 2014-10-08

A big motivator for me in digiscoping is to see how good of a result I can get from very modest equipment. This image of the full moon from just a couple of hours before the recent lunar eclipse is a good example. It’s my sharpest iPhone moon photo. When I imported it into GIMP to touch it up, I noticed that it wasn’t left-right reversed like all of the other photos I’d taken through my 4-inch refractor. I couldn’t figure out why that would be. Then I remembered that I had started the evening using the GalileoScope, which David DeLano had equipped with a diagonal and a helical focuser. The diagonal is a prism, which can be ghastly, but this one is from StellarVue and it holds its own against a mirror diagonal. So I actually got this photo with the camera on my phone, shooting through a 2-inch plastic telescope that initially sold for $15. I like that.

Here are my previous full moon photos:

Evidently photographing the perfectly full moon is roughly annual obsession of mine. I haven’t put the new photo against the older ones to see how it stacks up in terms of libration and limb features, but I’m sure I’ll get around to that sooner or later.


  1. Very cool!!!!!

    I’m always amazed at how sharp the Galileoscope view can be. Are you hand holding the iPhone? I have a gizmo for my camera, but the camera has really been relegated to the shelf, as my Android phone actually has a much better camera. I’ve been thinking of getting a gizmo that would hold that instead.

  2. Yeah, just holding the phone by hand for now. I saw a thing online where a guy made his own camera holder by gluing a 1.25″ plastic pipe onto the little plastic tray that the iPhone comes in. But I think that would be overkill unless and until I get a tracking mount, which I am leery of doing, mostly because I’d rather spend my observing time observing instead of troubleshooting. But we’ll see–my interests are always changing.

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