May 2011 Astro Calendar

May 5, 2011

Zoiks, a little late this month! Don’t miss the meteors, I saw quite a few already last weekend (April 30).


  • May 2 (Mon) 11:50 PM PDT / 6:50 UT (Tues) – New moon
  • May 10 (Tues) 1:32 PM PDT / 20:32 UT – First quarter moon
  • May 17 (Tues) 4:07 AM PDT / 11:07 UT – Full moon
  • May 24 (Tues) 11:51 AM PDT / 18:51 UT – Last quarter moon


  • May 13-14 (Fri-Sat), waxing gibbous moon passes Saturn (13th) and Spica (14th), but not particularly closely.


  • Mercury waxing crescent to waxing gibbous in the morning sky, greatest western elongation May 7.
  • Venus waxing gibbous in the morning sky, following greatest western elongation on Jan 8.
  • Mars rises before dawn, but stays close to the horizon.
  • Jupiter rises before dawn, following conjunction with sun on April 6.
  • Saturn rises shortly after sunset, following opposition on April 3.
  • Uranus rises before dawn, in Pisces.
  • Neptune rises before dawn, in Aquarius.


  • May 7-15, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter within 5° of each other.
  • May 15-25, Mercury, Venus, and Mars within 5° of each other.


  • May 6 (Fri) Eta Aquarid meteors. Active April 19-May 28. Predicted to be a very favorable year.

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