Mars landings faked!

April 1, 2010

Here’s a picture of the shadowy government “lab” where all of the images from the supposed Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are invented by Hollywood special effects artists under the direction of unscrupulous government “scientists”. As this remarkable image clearly shows, each rover has only a small sandbox to roll around in. The rest of each faked image is created by the holographic projector standing on the yellow tripod in the middle of the room. The technology used to bilk the unsuspecting public out of  billions of dollars has come a long way since the moon landing hoax!

How much longer are we going to let the incompetent liars at NASA keep taking our tax dollars to support this transparent fraud!!?? Just Say No to the Fake Space Show! Contact your senator or representative today!

(For those without much sense, or a sense of humor: this is a joke, obviously!)


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  2. Also after all this time let me say: Hey guy’s if you look a the bottom you can see the label that say clearly that is a “BED TEST” and if you classify the telemeter on the tripod as “laser holo projector” is clear that you don’t know what you say!
    But is sure that you don’t have never seen an holo projector.

  3. Umm, did you miss the line at the bottom about how the entire post is a joke?

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